An Overview

Music Mountain is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers as it has been since its founding in 1930. It may well be the only cultural institution of its importance to be so managed. This permits the money Music Mountain raises to be used to fulfill its mission of education and performance (aside from a portion going to necessary maintenance).

Funding for Music Mountain has always come primarily from the audience attending these concerts, either as ticket revenue or as contributions.

The generosity of Music Mountain’s friends, which include the artists who perform here for far below their customary fees, enables us to continue to bring you wonderful music played by distinguished and dedicated artists.

Music Mountain Accepts Online Donations

We accept donations online through our secure online box office system. You can choose to make one-time and recurring (for example, monthly) donations to Music Mountain. You can choose to honor a specific person with your donation. We hope you will take advantage of this feature. You will find the link for online donations at the bottom of every page of our website or follow this link.

Download a Contribution Form

Of course, we still gratefully accept donations via fax and the US Mail. Download the Contribution Form and mail it with your tax deductible contribution to: Music Mountain, P.O. Box 738, Lakeville, CT 06039.  You may also fax the contribution form with your credit card information to:  860-364-2090.

You may also want to help to provide for Music Mountain’s future by including a bequest for Music Mountain in your will.

Support Music Mountain when you buy CDs!

We participate in a program with ArchivMusic where we receive a donation for every purchase made at Archiv online that originates from our own website. That is why you see the ArchivMusic logo on all of our pages! Don't see the logo? Then use this link instead.


Broadcasts of the Music Mountain chamber music concerts throughout the United States are underwritten by Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, Falls Village, CT 06031. With a mail order catalog of thousands of books on music, art and 60 other subjects. Also on the Web at or at 800-677-3483 for a catalog and a Music Mountain memento.

In Appreciation: Pat and Ben Heller

Music Mountain is deeply grateful to Pat and Ben Heller of Sharon, CT for making possible the most important improvement in Gordon Hall since it was built in the summer of 1930. Thanks to their gift, Gordon Hall has been air conditioned and, because of the added capacity of heating, permits us to extend the concert season into spring and fall. Gordon Hall now has a new comfort level for our audience. Think how much better it is for our beautiful Steinway piano not to be exposed to the heat and humidity.
So, whether musician or audience-member, as you sit here in this wondrous concert hall on a sweltering summer afternoon or evening, please take a moment and join with us to say a quiet thank you to a very generous couple: Pat and Ben Heller.

Grant Support

Music Mountain's Concerts and Programs are supported in part by awards from:

The National Endowment for the Arts

The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism

The Hellen Plummer Foundation