The Beethoven Cycle with the Shanghai Quartet

Come to Music Mountain this summer to experience this 6-concert transformative event, the Mt. Everest of quartet performance!

Six Sundays at 3 PM

On June 10*, 17, 24; July 1, 8; Sept 9*
*includes a reception with the artists

All 16 Quartets by Beethoven

Presented in six Music Mountain concerts.

At Music Mountain's Gordon Hall

Acoustically perfect and air-conditioned.


This summer Music Mountain is presenting the incomparable Shanghai String Quartet in six concerts to perform what is considered to be the ultimate challenge for a string quartet: the Complete Beethoven String Quartet Cycle. The technical and emotional scope of the Beethoven Cycle is the Mt. Everest of quartet performance, a once-in-a-lifetime transformative event, and what better setting for this than the acoustically perfect and air-conditioned Gordon Hall at Music Mountain, surrounded by the beautiful and serene foothills of the Berkshires.

The Shanghai Quartet is the perfect ensemble for this event. Formed at the Shanghai Conservatory in 1983, it has performed regularly at Music Mountain since 1989. Today the Shanghai Quartet is one of the world’s foremost chamber ensembles, renowned for its passionate musicality, impressive technique and multicultural innovations.

“The Beethoven Cycle as a whole provides a cathartic experience for the listener, it takes you through the emotions of a lifetime,” wrote Music Mountain artistic director, Oskar Espina-Ruiz. “And Beethoven’s unique creativity makes each of the sixteen quartets an entirely different experience.”

Quartetto Italiano

0:00 String Quartet op. 18 n. 1
28:30 String Quartet op. 18 n. 2
54:04 String Quartet op. 18 n. 3
1:20:32 String Quartet op. 18 n. 4
1:45:58 String Quartet op. 18 n. 5
2:15:46 String Quartet op. 18 n. 6
2:43:26 String Quartet op. 59 n. 1
3:23:58 String Quartet op. 59 n. 2
4:02:48 String Quartet op. 59 n. 3
4:35:00 String Quartet op. 74
5:07:45 String Quartet op. 95
5:28:18 String Quartet op. 127
6:06:34 String Quartet op. 130
6:49:44 Grosse Fugue op. 133
7:08:36 String Quartet op. 131
7:51:01 String Quartet op. 132
8:38:10 String Quartet op. 135