ALfonso Fuentes cr

Alfonso Fuentes
Composer in Residence, Music Mountain Academy

Composition Faculty at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music

"Fuentes’ super performance received the greatest round of applause of this Festival."

— El Vocero

"Mr. Fuentes’ music brings a deep message, serving as a positive bridge between diverse parts of society and bringing into a rich interactive conversation all the different cultures that live together in Puerto Rico today."

— Oskar Espina-Ruiz, Artistic Director, Music Mountain

Puerto Rican composer, pianist and improviser. Studied at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (CMPR), and at the New England Conservatory where he was accepted into five different departments. Interpreters of his work include The Sinfonia Varsovia and Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Members of the symphony orchestras of Chicago, Los Angeles, Cuba, Winston-Salem; Silk Road Ensemble and San Francisco contemporary music players. The American String Quartet, Warsaw Wind Quintet, Aulos, Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston, Camerata Caribe, San Juan Ballet. Professors from the universities of Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Colorado at Boulder, California State at Sacramento, Texas at Austin, Houston-Tilltson; Conservatories of Puerto Rico and Guatemala, and important local and international soloists: in places in Poland, Denmark, Norway, England, China, Japan, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, United States and Puerto Rico.

He has been commissioned/endorsed by North/South Consonance, Inc., APAOSS, Treetops Chamber Music Society, Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, Festival de jazz Borikén (Borikén Jazz Festival), Puerto Rico Community Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, San Ignacio de Loyola College, Latin American College of Composers, Mary Luft & Co., National Association of Puerto Rican Composers, and others.

As commercial pianist and soloist of improvisation has made nearly 4000 presentations and 300 trips by three continents. And has worked with hundreds of figures, including Placido Domingo, Erwin Scrott, Gina María Hidalgo, Sandro, Andy Montañes, Jesus Caunedo’s All Star Jazz Band, The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. He has also been musical director, arranger and producer.

Artistic residencies include: Claribongo at Sichuan Conservatory, China; Contempo 2012, Costa Rica; Boricua Rhythms Conference, SUNY at Albany; Bongo Passion Tour (by New York and Connecticut, including Symphony Space); 15th Latin American Music Festival and II Congress of Musical Composition, Caracas; X and XI Central American and Caribbean’s Composers’ Forum, in Guatemala City and Veracruz respectively; 17th Havana Music Festival; First Ibero-American Congress of Composers, Buenos Aires.

Author of seven unpublished books of poetry, story, aesthetic; several articles about music and society published in his country newspapers El Nuevo Día and Claridad: he has designed several educational resources-concepts. Is mentioned or discussed in books written by Díaz Ayala; Jose Antonio López; Angel Quintero; Thompson and Schwartz; Cirilo Tirado; in two Doctoral dissertations written by Javier Stuppard and Ernesto Alonso for Texas University at Austin and The Catholic University of America respectively; in the Grove Dictionary On Line, and in the Second Edition of the Grove Dictionary of American Music and Musicians.

10th Latin Grammy nominee for Best classical-contemporary composition, in 1995 his artistic trajectory was recognized by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, and in 2009 and 2013 by Grupo Cultural La Ceiba (La Ceiba Cultural Group). In 2008 he defended two law projects before the Legislative Assembly in favor of the musical creation and employment for the musicians living in Puerto Rico, of which is author and co-author. He is founder and artistic director of the China-Puerto Rico Musical and Cultural Exchange, and the Puerto Rican Congress of Musical Creation of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, an institution where has also served as Dean of Academic Affairs, and currently works as associate professor of composition and orchestration.